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Due to such products specificity, all accessory assemblies on Takahashi telescopes would respect system-charts recommandations. System-charts are assemblies schemas representing all kinds of accessory mountings available for one or more OTAs listed below. These system-charts are in png format (for screen displaying) or in pdf format (for printing).
Takahashi official assemblies are fully recommanded to avoid optical and mecanical problems. They provide the good back focus behind the OTA and the better efficiency.

Current telescopes

Current system-chart list
Telescope System-chart Display Print
FS-60CB FS-60CB (visual/photo)
FS-60CB FS-60CB with Extender C2X (visual/photo)
FS-60CB FS-60CB with Extender-Q 1.6x (visual/photo)
FSQ-85EDX FSQ-85EDX (visual/photo)
FSQ-85EDX FSQ-85EDX with Reducer-QE 0.73x (visual/photo)
FSQ-85EDX FSQ-85EDX with Extender-ED 1.5x (visual/photo)
SKY-90 SKY-90 (visual/photo)
SKY-90 SKY-90 with Extender-Q 1.6x (visual/photo)
TSA-102N/S TSA-102N/S (visual/photo)
TSA-102N/S TSA-102N/S avec reducer (visual/photo)
TSA-102N/S TSA-102 avec 35-FL flattener (visual/photo)
FSQ-106ED FSQ-106ED (visual/photo)
FSQ-106ED FSQ-106ED with Extender-Q 1.6x (visual/photo)
FSQ-106ED FSQ-106ED with Reducer-QE 0.73x (visual/photo)
TOA-130S TOA-130S (visual/photo)
TOA-130S TOA-130S with TOA-Reducer (visual/photo)
TOA-130S TOA-130S with TOA-Reducer (without FU extension tube)
TOA-130F TOA-130F (visual/photo)
TOA-130F TOA-130F with TOA-Reducer (visual/photo)
TOA-130F TOA-130F with TOA-Reducer and F/5.3 ring (visual/photo)
TOA-130F TOA-130F with 67-FL Flattener (visual/photo)
TOA-130F TOA-130Fwith 645-RD Reducer (visual/photo)
TOA-130S/F TOA-130S/F avec correcteur 35-FL (visual/photo)
TOA-130S/F TOA-130S/F with Extender-TOA 1.6x (visual/photo)
TOA-150 TOA-150 (visual/photo)
TOA-150 TOA-150 with TOA Reducer (visual/photo)
TOA-150 TOA-150 with 645-RD Reducer (visual/photo)
TOA-150 TOA-150 with 35-FL Flattener (visual/photo)
TOA-150 TOA-150 with 67-FL Flattener (visual/photo)
TOA-150 TOA-150 with Extender-TOA 1.6x (visual/photo)
Mewlon-180 Mewlon-180 (visual/photo)
Mewlon-210 Mewlon-210 (visual/photo)
Mewlon-210 Mewlon-210 with Rack-and-Pinion Focuser (visual/photo)
Mewlon-250 Mewlon-250 (visual/photo)
Mewlon-300 Mewlon-300 (visual/photo)
CN-212 CN-212 Newton (visual/photo)
CN-212 CN-212 Cassegrain (visual/photo)
Epsilon-180ED Epsilon-180ED (visual/photo)

Old Takahashi Telescopes

System-chart list of old Takahashi instruments
Telescope System-chart File
FS-60C FS-60C (visual/photo)
FS-60C FS-60C with Extender C2X (visual/photo)
FS-60CSV FS-60CSV (visual/photo)
FS-78 FS-78 (visual/photo)
FS-78 FS-78 with 50,8mm adapter (visual/photo)
FS-102 NSV (short tube) FS-102NSV (visual/photo)
FS-102 FS-102 (visual/photo)
FS-102 FS-102 with 50,8mm adapter (visual/photo)
FSQ-106 FSQ-106 (visual/photo)
FSQ-106 FSQ-106 with Extender-Q 1.6x (visual/photo)
FS-128 FS-128 (visual/photo)
FS-128 FS-128 with 50,8mm adapter (visual/photo)
FS-152 FS-152 (visual)
FS-152 FS-152 (photo)