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Takahashi TSA-102N/S Triplet Super Apochromat

The Takahashi TSA-102 refractor has became the worthy heiress of the mythical FS-102. The apochromatic objective of 102mm of aperture (F/8) forsook its classical optical design with Fluorite doublet for a ED triplet set in a simple barrel, whose results are quite as flattering. The TSA-102 remains the most general-purpose telescope of the Takahashi range, adapted not only for planetary high-resolution observation but also for deep sky imaging, while still being easily transportable.

As usual with Takahashi, the TSA-102 profits by a very vast range of accessories, adapted to all amateur uses. Moreover, many amateurs have made the proof of its versability in fields as varied as planetary observation or deep sky imaging.

The TSA-102 is available in two versions, offering the same optical and mechanical characteristics. The S version has a retractable dew shield, making it possible to gain in volume, while the N version is equipped with a fixed dew shield.