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Takahashi TOA-150 apochromatic refractor

The TOA-150 is the floret of the range of apochromatic refractors, proposed by Takahashi. As usual, the Japanese company has manufactured one of the most beautiful and powerful telescopes that can be found on the worldwide market.

Incomparable optics providing a very small residual chromatism and featuring reliable and robust mechanics, that is what TOA-150 will provide to any amateur astronomers looking for the best. No matter what you are looking for, from deep sky CCD imaging to high-resolution planetary visual observation, TOA-150 will bring you the best. Moreover, all your needs will be fulfilled by a large range of accessories.

The TOA-150 is available either the tube itself (OTA) or complete configuration. In spite of its size and its weight, this refractor can be used as an itinerant mode, particularly when it is associated with the EM-400 equatorial mount. This will allow the end-user to take advantage of the best night skies.