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Teegul Sky Patrol II Equatorial Mount

The Teegul Sky-Patrol II (TG-SP2) mount offers a light and effective equatorial base to travel with a small telescope.

The TG-SP2 is a very modular unit. It is made of a rigid one-arm fork mount motorized in right ascension axis, ideal for example for FS-60CB refractor. The handbox, integrating 6V compartment, is included.

An additional kit makes it possible to use the TG-SP2 with other light telescopes (under 3kg weight). This kit can be bought with the TG-SP2 mount as a package or in a second time, according to end user needs. This kit includes a counterweight shaft and a counterweight in order to transform TG-SP2 base into a true German mount. Using this kit will give you some clearance on both axis, RA and DEC, allowing the assembly of longer telescope OTAs.