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EM-500 equatorial mount

It's true, this amazing mount looks like a large EM-200 but the size is just impressive. It releases an immediate feeling of stability and refinement. Its design points out the EM-200 but it is much more than a simple oversizing.

In spite of its weight of 45 kg, the EM-500 EQ mount will not be restricted to an only observatory use. Indeed, it is installed quickly on its stand pier and will be polar-aligned in a few minutes only using its integrated and precise polar finder. With a maximum loading capacity of 45 kg, it will be able to receive large-sized tubes, such as Mewlon-300 or the BRC-250 reflectors.

The EM-500 becomes a fabulous and final tool for the demanding amateur astronomer who will consider his transport for a temporary use in altitude for example.