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New on 1.5 version :
- Correction concerning Sigma Octan location on reticule (error on 1.4 version).
- PolarisFinder 1.5 is Southern Hemisphere compatible. Alpha Polaris or Sigma Octan hour angle location (HA) will be calculate depending of your site location. Negative latitude is use for southern hemisphere.
- In local mode (with a copy of PolarisFinder1.5 on your hard disk), you can save longitude and latitude values of your observatory in the "site.txt" file. This file shoud stay in the same directory than other PolarisFinder files. With a standard text editor modify the digits values for longitude and latitude (deg/min) with the same syntax as follow :
Then save the "site.txt" file, and restart PolarisFinder or left click on the "SYSTEM UT" button.
Step 1)
Left click on "SYSTEM UT" button whitch grab the date and hour U.T. of your computer and get the longitude and the latitude from "site.txt" file. This button reset error fields in the event of typing error.
- Default longitude is set to -7 deg 4 min.
- Default latitude is set to +48 deg (for use in Northern hemisphere by default).
Step 2)  
Input data for your location : date, time (U.T.) and of course, longitude and latitude. Longitude East are negative, ie if a longitude is eg 7 degrees 21 minutes East of the Greenwich meridian, then enter -7 for "d" field and 21 for "m" field, for less than 1 degree east, eg 40 minutes East, enter 0 for "d" field and -40 for "m" field. Western longitudes do not need the + sign, as values default to the positive.
Latitude value is use for getting your hemisphere only. 48 deg positive value is use for North Hemisphere by default.
If you are is Southern Hemisphere, enter a negative value to get Sigma Octan hour angle location.
Step 3)
Left click on the "CALCULATE" button. You will see the position of Polaris (or Sigma Octan) on the reticle according to your parameters.
Then if necessery, left click on "update" button to update UT (longitude and latitude are kept).
Left click on "CALCULATE" button to update HA results.
- Short cuts keyboard for the 3 buttons (capital letters):
KeyPress T = click on "SYSTEM UT" button
KeyPress U = click on "update" button
KeyPress C = click on "CALCULATE" button
Align your mount by moving the mount until the position of Polaris from this program, is in the same position on the reticle of your polar finder. Make sure that the mount is initially adjusted with the bubble level horizontal in order to calibrate your local meridian line.
Step 4) 
In local mode, save your longitude and latitude parameters. You will not need to enter them again.
For operation in local mode for this utility, please contact us by e-mail and we will forward the necessary files.

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