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Takahashi FSQ-106ED main accessories

Tube holder with auxiliary plate


The tube holder for FSQ-106ED is essential for the fixing of the tube on a mounting. It has the 2 holes for fixing on Takahashi mountings as well as Kodak screw pitch for fixing on a photo tripod (not recommanded however). Moreover, it is equipped with a Kodak screw intended to receive a SLR/DSLR camera for a parallel connection.
An auxiliary plate is provided to allow a satisfying balance of the optical tube on mountings.

F/3.6 QE-Reducer


The FSQ-106ED can be equipped with a focal reducer, making focal ratio pass from 5 to 3.6. The focal length goes then from 530mm to 385mm (with an image circle of 44mm and a photo field of 6,5°). The accessory assemblies compatible with the Reducer-QE are available in the specific system-chart above.


Extender-Q 1.6x


Extender-Q 1.6x is a specific accessory suitable for the FSQ-106ED, whose role is not limited to a simple Barlow lens. Indeed, it makes it possible the refractor to keep optical properties closed to the traditional Takahashi refractors equipped with more general-purpose Fluorite doublet or ED triplet : more focal length, reduction of the under-correction for astrophotography and visual contrast enhancement. The accessory is screwed at the refractor prime focus and it is delivered with several extension tubes.