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Takahashi FS-60C Fluorite Doublet Apochromat

The Takahashi FS-60C apochromatic refractor is the itinerant telescope par excellence. It features exceptional optical and mechanichal qualities (objective with Fluorite doublet) and an incredible compact design. All Takahashi is in it.

Its great versatility will charm all the observers. It can easily be used for the visual observation, as well as astronomical or terrestrial. For the photographers, it is transformed into wide field astrograph or guiding scope. For this last function, Takahashi proposes even an optional specific parallel support, the TGM.

The FS-60 exists in two versions: traditional with standard tube (FS-60C) and compacts with shortened tube (FS-60CSV), for the users wishing to have important backfocus. For a general-purpose use, the FS-60C is recommended. When necessary, it is however possible to then convert it into the CSV version thanks to an optional tube. Be careful because the reverse operation is not possible.