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EM-500 main features

The fully integrated motor drives ensures a reliable and precise control of tracking and slewing speeds for astrophotographic or CCD guiding. The electronic control panel allows speed adjustments of slewing corrections by increment of 0.1x sidereal rate on both axes. A connector is available for autoguiding (SBIG compatible) as well as a RS-232 serial port
The tracking accuracy is announced with an error of ± 3.5 arcsecond per turn of 10 minutes worm gear shaft (without guiding system).

The mount is delivered with the same handbox that equips other Takahashi mounts. It is provided with R.A. and DEC. rotation reversers as well as a switch for slow (green LED) and fast 100x (red LED) speeds.
The EM-500 EQ mount is equipped with Temma-2 goto system. An automatic pointing of the celestial objects is possible when the mount is connected with a computer (with a serial cable, provided). The Pegasus 21 computer control software is provided too. The Temma-2 system is compatible with a large range of astronomical softwares (TheSky6 or Starry Night, for instance).

The EM-500 polar finder is equipped with a ring level which makes it possible to quickly calibrate the polar alignment reticle. The polar alignment is made by the means of a large altitude screw and with 2 azimuth screws. Once the Polaris position has been exactly determined (with graph or software), then the polar alignment takes only a few seconds, as it takes on smaller mounts.
The Temma-2 system includes two encoders located at the end of each axis and connected to the control panel by two cables.