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Main features

Drives and power supply

Two types of power supply are possible and condition the rates of automatic and fast pointing : 12V and 24V. Under 12V, the maximum speed of pointing is of 250x the sidereal rate (3750 arcsecond/sec.), with a maximum power consumption of 1.6A. Under 24V, the speed of pointing reaches 500x the sidereal rate (7500 arcsecond/sec.), with a power consumption of 1.4A.
The correction rates (for autoguiding) are handbox adjustable : from 0.1x to 1.9x the sidereal rate, by increment of 0.1x in R.A., from ± 1.5 to ± 13.5 arcsecond/sec., by increment of 1.5 arcsecond/sec. in DEC.

Control panel and connectors

The control panel and the connectors are placed above the mount. The encoders are located in end of worm gear shafts and are protected by screwed aluminum covers.
The connector set includes both a power and an handbox pin, a RS-232 serial port and an autoguiding port (SBIG compatible). Controls include a power switch, a RA motor switch (standby), a power LED and a potentiometer to adjust the polar finder illumination intensity.

The polar finder

The EM-400 integrates the same type of polar reticle as the one used for EM-200 polar finder. An enlargement of 11x allows an alignment on the celestial pole with a precision better than 3 arcminutes. This reticle goes up to 2040. It is autonomous, as on the EM-200, and lit by an internal LED which is adjustable in brightness.
The European version has an offset scale in longitude going from -10° to +10°. The calibration is carried out using a ring level. The simplicity and the speed of use of this polar finder are outstanding.

Transportability and altitude wedge

Two altitude wedges are available for the EM-400 mount, according to the latitude of the observer. The ML wedge version can be adjust from 0° to 50° of latitude. The standard model for European market, HL wedge version, is designed for latitudes going from 15° to 55°. The rotation of the wedge goes up to 360°. Three Allen screws, positioned with 120°, allow you to tight the wedge. For a better transportability, the mount can be dismounted in 2 parts ; the main block and the altitude wedge are assembled using 4 Allen screws. A screwable thrust secures the mounting unit perfectly and gives an irreproachable stability.