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EM-11 main features

At first glance, the EM-11 looks like a small EM-200. Indeed, it features many of its convivial aspects, and particurarly the same ergonomic design : simplicity and usability . The user needs only very little time to understand and control the EM-11 EQ mount.
Two cables are enough for its use for visual purposes (power and handbox). The total integration of stepped motors in the mount structure simplifies the adjustments and reduces maintenance to the minimum.

EM-11 mount owns the same handbox which equips the other Takahashi models, with the usual capabilities : a speed control switch (fast or normal speeds with green/red LED), a slewing reverser in R.A. and DEC. and the four R.A./DEC. traditional buttons.
The control panel gathers all the features usually present on other mountings : general and standby switches, North/South hemisphere switch, sidereal/solar tracking switch, slewing speeds and polar finder illuminator adjustments. All usual ports are available too : power and handbox connectors, RS-232 Serial and autoguiding pins.

The EM-11 polar finder, fully integrated in factory and fool-proof, allows a fine polar alignment in a few minutes only. It is calibrated with a built-in ring level and its reticle is illuminated by an internal LED whose intensity is adjustable from the control panel. As on the JP-Z and the EM-500 mounts, a provided graph gives assistance to find the position of Polaris in real-time. You can however obtain more precision on its position with a specialized software (as PolarisFinder, for instance).